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Originally Posted by unrealrob View Post
Saw the exact same thing. It's a very disheartening sight.

However, this isn't anything new - except for, maybe, the publicity and brashness of it all. Video game journalism has always been something strange to me, but it's shit like this that makes me remember why I stopped visiting IGN, Gamespy, blah, blah, blah.

On that note, can anyone in this thread suggest a website or whatever that reviews/previews games in a more honest and ethical way? I'm not being a jerk off, I'd really like to know a couple. In b4 Ars Technica (decent site)
The presentation of it was the worse thing. Sending a review build is different from giving you a 'gift'.

The PC Gamer/Rock Paper Shotgun guys are what videogame journalism should be but outside of PC gaming there's Gamasutra. 1up and Eurogamer are usually better than the most.

EDIT: oh and Shacknews. How did I forget about Shacknews?
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