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Originally Posted by doctorsleep View Post
I just can't get over the fact that england and US tied. Who the fuck heard of a Tie in a game leading up to the superbowl (I have no idea how soccer works, I assume this is something like playoffs)

Do they just call it at 1v1 so nobody gets their feelings hurt.
The first part of the world cup is a series of 4-team Groups. Each team plays each other team in the same Group, and the two with most points go on to a 16-team single-elimination tournament.

If a team wins in the group matches, they get 3 points, if they draw, each team gets 1 point.

It's very likely that the US and England will go on to win their next games and both end up in the tournament.

(I have a feeling that US will be 2nd place in their group and end up having to play Germany in the first round of the Tournament...eek!)

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