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I'm literally sitting here in tears listening to show 1191 and I'm only 10 mins in. I cannot believe Keith and Chemda are broken up. I have listened to katg since I was 14 and I'm 19 now, you don't even know how...I guess attached I am to you guys, you've taught me more in these five years than any teacher has. I still love you guys, that's probably why i'm sitting here balling my eyes out. I was planning on getting a tattoo soon, should I still get it? Is the show ending? So many questions. I guess I'll just say again that I love you guys and I'll support both of you in any decisions you make. I've never been to a live show or anything so you don't know me. but I tell people in my life stories about you guys all of the time. My friends are probably sick of hearing stories from your life Keith. No matter what I'm talking with my friends about, a story from one of your lives comes up. I have to get over this shock, love you guys.
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