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Originally Posted by DJ Trashy View Post
just a little rant about jailbreaking....

my iPhone is currently jailbroke (is that a word?) - I did so and spent $10 freakin' dollars on MyWi for tethering on a recent vacation. Didn't really even use it that much. Other than that (this is the rant part) I can't find any good reason to jailbreak even an iPhone, and would never think about doing so to my iPad. The only thing that accomplishes is that it opens you up to a world of poorly written ugly applications that were designed by people used to writing apps on Windows Mobile or Palm. I don't need to know how much RAM my iPad has. And when you already have 200,000 apps, Cydia seems like a whole lot of work for no reason.

OK, rant done, thanks for listening...

I love my jailbroken iPhone. The fact that I can customize the look and feel of it is awesome. I get stopped all the then time when people see it and ask "Why does your iPhone look so different". Also, I love all of the free games and stuff (though I've learned to never pay more than $4 on an app, because generally the more expensive ones, aka EA games, are crap). I can also background stuff which is a slight convenience. That being said, my jailbreaking goes out of the window next week when the new OS comes out and allows me to do most of the stuff that my jailbroken phone does.

I just got an iPad and decided against jailbreaking it because I really want to see what the new OS is going to offer on it (and it's primarily used as a video watcher/e-reader, and jailbreaking isn't going to improve that experience).
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