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I've always thought there should be a game clock that stops whenever there's a stoppage, like they have in rugby league and basketball, so that everyone knows during the game exactly how long there is to play. I guess the ref stops his own watch and that's how the length of stoppage time is decided, but it's not ideal that the audience doesn't get to know the same information until the 45 or 90 minute marks.

Maicon's goal yesterday was a thing of beauty, and just as well, North Korea DPR were defending like demons. That game needed something special and Maicon conjured it up. The upset for Spain today is good, it always makes the tournament more dramatic when a big side loses to an underdog team like that. It's realistically too much to ask that New Zealand does the same to Italy, but a guy can dream for a few days at least.

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Ronaldo is probably the worst diver, but this is pretty ridiculous too:

I love that. There should be more of that kind of pisstaking by the players.
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