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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
Okay, what the fuck France?
You have Thierry Henry, he's one of the best players in the game, maybe not top 10, but he's fucking good..your best player...WHY AREN'T YOU LETTING HIM PLAY?

Well, now a shitdick country and their rinky-dink team has beat you. So there you go.

Keep sucking other country's baguettes.
You better destroy South Africa or I'm gonna kick somebody in the face.
But probably not, I'm not very violent, but boy, I'll be disappointed.
do shitdick rinky dink countries beat Italy? i don't think you know as much about soccer as your letting on......

and no, henry is not france's best player, Ribery is far superior. And if you've followed la liga at all, you'd know he didn't get much playing time this past season.

I actually doubt you watched the game at all, if you had, you would know that mexico won because they played a better game.

And what did you realistically expect from a country who barely qualified to this world cup, and constantly underperformed in friendlies leading up to it, last example being a loss against china.

I hope you don't slice wrists next tuesday when france gets knocked out...
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