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Originally Posted by John Galt View Post
I suppose I'm just amused by your need to evangelize on the topic. It's kind of like other threads where you have expressed your need to share your atheism. It amuses me because if someone were to be proselytizing from the other perspective, you would be mortally offended.

Please note, I am using the word 'amused' very deliberately. I'm the guy sitting in the corner watching you go on and on about how fabulous something is. Shiny shiny, new new ... do continue the show.
I try my best to share my spiritual beliefs (lack of) only when topical. I used to be too aggressive about it but I have toned it down and have adopted the "lets all get along, and give respect to get respect" philosophy.

But this thread is about Role reversal in the bedroom. And besides cross dressing the other most obvious role reversal topic for a hetero man is taking it in the ass. Seems topical and fair game to "sell" it to a few people who went out of their way to say "I would never try that, and I dont need to". I have no investment if my salesmanship fails, I just feel like its worth the effort.

I think the right criticism for me is "long winded" that would be fair.
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