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Originally Posted by firefighter_chick View Post
So I just got out of a relationship... and have no fuckin idea what to do next. Im always with someone. all of my friends have serious boyfriends. I have major issues with being by myself for even one day. Do you think it will get better? I just dont want to jump into the first guy that comes along again because im afraid of being alone. are you guys all messes too?

I join clubs... the FD and stuff. I live in a TINY town, but make amazing money so cant move. wtf do I do?
I just went through a similar situation (my 10 year SEVERELY CO-DEPENDENT relationship/marriage ended last October) and I had no idea what to do with myself. I promise you, it gets better. In fact, it gets great. I was a mess for about 5 months until I just said "fuck it, I'm better than this and better because of it". Just try not to fall into the first thing that comes along. It will end badly.
You just need time to figure out who you are. I'm just figuring this out now, less than a month from 30.
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