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First off FFC, I love you *hugs*.

1. I think you should move away from your town, you're bigger than the place and you know it. The money may seem great now but experiences are better. If you're meant to be there you'll end up there in the end but you need to have some experiences and adventures first. You're too young to settle! Moving elsewhere (to somewhere bigger) gives you more opportunities both job-wise and relationship wise. You really thing the love of your life is in that tiny town? Spooky has the right idea.

2. Don't waste your time with silly relationships that deep down you know aren't going anywhere (I saw your tweets, you seemed to realize this a while back). The more time you spend with the wrong guys the less open you are when a good one comes along.

3. Do something different. Like others have said, find a hobby, take a class, do something separate from your life right now. It could open new doors, introduce you to new people and gives you another part of your life that you didn't share with the guys you've dated.

4. Be alone for a while, look after yourself and have fun. You said you've always been in a relationship but why waste time with the silly goose relationships? Have fun, get to know yourself and what you like. Be independent and I think once you do this a while your next relationship will be better.

5. Come to Ireland... so many reason's I couldn't possibly go into but I believe this is the solution to your problems.
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