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Amie, you're a great person -- straight forward & genuine, sexy as hell, and best of all, a whole lot of fun to be around. I've seen you express real passion and I've seen you be extremely caring.

If anything, it could be said you fall too fast, but that's the romantic in you -- and a romantic who's not afraid to let loose? what's not to like about that? You're you, and you made no excuses about it. I'd hardly consider you 'a mess'.

You still mean a lot to me, for all of those reasons. I've told you this before, but there really isn't anything I don't like about you.

And for what its worth, don't go looking for it, it'll find you -- and don't fall so fast.

--Your (ex?)stalker

"Hahaha too easy" -- Trent said in the thread about the story about Trent
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