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I dunno why y'all aren't talking about New Zealand

TWO draws so far!!!!

Just to put some perspective on this ... New Zealand has 25 professional football players ... yup ... TWENTY FIVE ... that's not 25 men in the world cup squad, that's 25 men TOTAL from New Zealand who make a living playing football ... TWENTY FIVE!!! Italy has 3,541 professional players - that's over 140 times as many ...

(oh and yeah ... I agree that the goal against Italy was offside ... but their penalty was soft and the ref was definitely on their side so as far as I'm concerned it was still a fair result)

WOW - just read that France is out ... not that they should have been there (sob Ireland), but still rather a surprising result.

And Lanfear is right - goals count if teams have the same points after the round - as in goal difference (goals scored less goals conceded), if they're still even it goes on goals scored and then other stuff if they're still even after that (look it up if it matters to you ). From the next round though, games will go to extra time and then penalties to determine a winner - so no more draws
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