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I showed my gf this episode, she never understood the Dane Cook backlash (coincidentally she also never saw one of his shitty movies).

The part that stood out to me was this (paraphrasing):

Dane: As soon as my Comedy central special blew up (he describes it as the one with him ripping a black tank top off) I knew that all other hard working touring comedians were going into morning radio shows and being asked: Why don't you do Dane Cook comedy?

Marc: They never asked me that.

I also love the way he name dropped Steve Martin out of thin air with no appropriate context.

Marc: People think your an arrogant asshole, why do you think that is?
Dane: I met Steve Martin for dinner.

I gotta say, Marc Maron could be one the best interviewers I have ever heard. I love how he cuts in with observational backwards criticism that goes right over the guests head but not the audience.
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