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Originally Posted by madeyeshawn View Post
Dane: As soon as my Comedy central special blew up (he describes it as the one with him ripping a black tank top off) I knew that all other hard working touring comedians were going into morning radio shows and being asked: Why don't you do Dane Cook comedy?

Marc: They never asked me that.
I was appalled when i saw that some peeps on the WTF comment section actually didnt like how harshly sarcastic Marc was.

Some, if i recall correctly, even blames it on nervousness and nicotine withdrawal.

I liked the less abrasive approach he had with mencia (even though, in the 2nd ep of that interview things got insane too, with Mencia almost breaking down on air) but i have to say, Marc gives his best when he lets his less pleasant side loose. He's pleasant and respected enough to make his targets intimidated enough to avoid shouting at him, he's completely detached from any side and always analyzes issues from every side. And he has and undercurrent of superintelligent anger ythat makes his questions sublime....

I would be scared to meet him in person, to make it clear.
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