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Originally Posted by Incognito View Post
1. She was pretty straight up about it. Rather that than drag it out with some convoluted excuses.

2. Because you're 17 (when people change their mind about who/what they want a thousand times), she wasn't all that great to be with anyways, you know there's others, etc. Furthermore, she already admitted she's depressed and has break downs; you don't want to be with a basket case.
Thanks for that. I kinda understand that all relationships at this age are just learning experiences, but it didn't stop from hitting me pretty hard.

Actually, come to think of it, she was pretty crazy. There were a lot of midnight phonecalls in tears and stress. Thing is, that was my first real relationship, and I kinda got into thinking that all chicks were like that.

Looking back, I hope to fuck they're not.

Originally Posted by RoundAbout View Post

She's a whore
Hahaha. She was before she met me, and fuck, probably afterwards too. I wish her the best.

Originally Posted by Cart Horse View Post
You're a rock star! Ride it out. Look around. Harden up. Stay aloof. Have fun.
Ha, thanks Steve!
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