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Originally Posted by PoorGradStudent View Post
A: You're 17. Write some songs about how she broke your heart and move on.

B: If she doesn't have the balls to break up with you in person and has to do it over the phone/MSN at 3 am, she's a drama queen. Drama queens don't grow out of that behavior, so you got out early.

C: Living well is the best revenge. Want to get back at her? Date someone hotter than her and act like it's no big deal. It will drive her nuts.

D: Again, you're 17. Being dumped is part of life. You have to experience being dumped so when you have to dump a girl in the future you'll know not to do it over the phone like a pussy.

E: If none of this sticks, fuck her best friend. If this chicks a whore, her friend is probably a whore too.

Cheer up emo kid, and good luck.
A: Yeah, I was planning on it. If a breakup does any good, it's breakup songs.

B: I was a bit perplexed as to the time and method, but you're right. She is.

C: Haha, yeah, that'd be a good way to get back at her, but idk, she was pretty freaking hot. I thought I was doing quite well for myself

D: True, I agree. I imagined a breakup would be just this, and everyone goes through it, so now I know how I handle them, and it's not that bad.

E: I laughed Turns out she is kinda whorish, but she's already threatened to kill me. She has a couple of restraining orders against her. Probably not the best idea.

Thanks heaps for advice PoorGradStudent
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