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Originally Posted by m0o0op View Post
Thanks for that. I kinda understand that all relationships at this age are just learning experiences, but it didn't stop from hitting me pretty hard.

Actually, come to think of it, she was pretty crazy. There were a lot of midnight phonecalls in tears and stress. Thing is, that was my first real relationship, and I kinda got into thinking that all chicks were like that.

Looking back, I hope to fuck they're not.

Hahaha. She was before she met me, and fuck, probably afterwards too. I wish her the best.

Ha, thanks Steve!
My first serious girlfriend was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder halfway through our year and a half year long relationship, told me I had to be okay with it if she cheated on me with a guy, and made up stories about guys hitting on her so I'd get jealous. Actually that all kind of points to me being crazy for dragging that mess out for another 8 months, but the point is that I'm now with a cool sane girl and despite how kind of torn apart I was by my failed relationship with my ex, I was around the same age as you, and as convinced as I was that girls were bound to be this way, I actually have two female friends of mine that call me in tears at 2am probably every other month, I've found a wonderful exception.

Point is, follow everyone else's advice blah blah blah, go team go.
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