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Originally Posted by m0o0op View Post
Thanks everyone, some great advice, some great food for thought and I really appreciate it everyone, it's really helped me the last few days trying to get over it. It turns out there's more feelings than I thought there would be, stuff to deal with.

It's hard going through your life and rearranging it. Changing your phone and computer and shit you have lying around to reflect that person not being around anymore, to stop memories coming back into your mind, and to stop those from going into bad places.

If I was a real rockstar, I'd have chicks hanging off me. As it stands, I have numero zero people interested in me, and I sure as fuck don't want to wait for them to come to me. I'm going to try to figure something out in that respect.
This is the downside of being young expericing everything for the first time. It was a bitch move for her to break up over the phone. Same move that zack ( I have no respect for him so I leave his name in lower case :P) did to me, people like that are cowards. But whatever we live and blah blah blah and move on.

At least she was I guess in a crazy persons way honest and you dont have to keep wondering why she did it.

Just remember sad love songs are not your friend, and icecream and the katg world are

<3 Bree
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