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When I got my first ever iPod a few years ago I was ecstatic! I didn't really have the same passion for music I have now, in fact I was in my final close minded stage.
(In my youth I went through several stages where I only listened to one relatively specific genre of music...and everything else was either shit or dumb pop music to me....I call these "close minded stages") as soon as I got my iPod I went on iTunes and started looking at all the music I could buy...of course I'm broke though, so I was looking around for something free....not much luck...but hey..podcasts are free! are those!? WHO CARES ITS FREE!

So I was looking through several podcasts subscribing to anything and everything that looked even remotely interesting...The Economist (lol), some Science-y shit....honestly I can't remember what other than Keith and the Girl I subscribed to...probably Uhh Yeah Dude, cause I know I've been listening to them for years too...maybe some of Dan Carlin's podcasts but that might've been later.

I wanted some humor along with my educational/news podcasts but what really made me chose KATG is my thing with the color green.

It's my favorite color, but I have like an irrational liking of the color and tend to surround myself with as much green things as possible, sometimes on purpose sometimes subconsciously....anyway the logo's I figured "its in the humor section, funny is good, and it's green, green is good"

I was quite a few episodes behind...not sure how many...but I was listening to the show all day for several, several days...laughing my ass off the whole time. It's just a part of my life now.
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