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I've been trying to use this summer to catch up on all the video games I didn't have time to play during the school year. So far I've finished Red Dead Redemption, which had an awesome ending to the single player in a kind of surprising way (still wishing the multiplayer wasn't so limited). I've also finished Halo 3: ODST, which turned out to be pretty awesome. I had forgotten just how well Halo does first person combat in a way that doesn't feel like a light-gun shooter. I also decided that I am done with Bad Company 1 officially, though I never completed it. I just got tired of being blown up by tanks repeatedly. I am also gradually becoming more and more addicted to XBLA, going back to play more Geometry Wars 2 and Trials, but also finally picking up Chime and playing the shit out of it for a time. Now I need a new fix. Luckily, Limbo is out this week... Anyone else looking to pick that one up?
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