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Originally Posted by RoundAbout View Post
A bunch of really good animes
Neon Genesis too. The guy who wrote it was going through a mentally unstable period, very trippy and full of robot monsters and aliens. Also, movies.* There are two. One of them is a summary.

Speaking of trippy, FLCL.....I can't say anything more, you'll just have to watch it.

Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit. This has got to have some of the best combat scenes I've ever seen. Good plot, excellent fighting. Too bad it was sparse =(

Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is excellent. Other one is good (Just Full Metal Alchemist) but this one is much better, and in my opinion, a much better art style.

Battle Royale (Though the manga was better) So fucked up! A bunch of high schoolers in China (I think) are put on an island and forced to kill each other. It's fucking awesome.

Fuck Naruto, and fuck Death Note, and fuck Bleach. They can go die in a hole.

(I completely missed the post asking for animes to watch. I saw Avatar sequel and had to do a fangazm)
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