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Originally Posted by picard102 View Post
How does it hurt your beliefs if someone prays?
It doesn't but it's their beliefs. I don't want to be disrespectful and have them pray in the honor of a non-believer. Plus it's sort of awkward even though she means it in the nicest way possible.

Originally Posted by Lanfear View Post
first of all: poor baby i hope you feel better soon - that really sucks

on your question: as long as she doesn't ask you to pray with her it wouldn't hurt to do the polite "yes sure thank you" because really let her do her thing it probably helps her feel better and even though I am atheist too other people praying doesn't bother me.
Now if she asked you to pray with her that will probably be a bit harder to respond to but I would try my best to politely decline.
Thank you! She did end up wanting me to pray with her. She said a blessing for me and obliged me to say more but I just said Amen cause it seemed less sacriligious.
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