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Originally Posted by StereoKill View Post
Jeeze this threads dying due to the summer drought. How about that 'Limbo'? Anyone else play it yet? I'm loving every creepy moment so far.
That's true, even though I've been gaming more this summer than I have been at all in the past year. I haven't tried Limbo yet, I'm waiting for some Amazon trades to go through so I can get some MS Points, but that's going to be my first purchase with said points. That game looks really good.

At the moment I'm finally playing through Super Mario Galaxy 2. That game is sooo good. I played the hell out of Galaxy 1, getting all 120 stars, then even playing through and getting about a fourth of the stars as Luigi. I'm planning on doing the same here. I don't think there is another developer out there that can make games on the same level as the worst mainline Mario game. Galaxy 2 has so much awesome shit packed into each level, stuff that really makes you remember that video games can be fun. And the way Mario controls is always just super solid and tight. Mario 64 is probably one of my favorite games of all time, if only because never before had I really felt like I had so much control over a character and that control was so much fun to have. Anyway, all I'm trying to say is Mario games are fucking awesome, and if anyone hasn't had the chance to play the Galaxy games yet, they should do so immediately.
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