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Originally Posted by bocorican View Post
Yeah, it's taking everything that atheists will usually object to from organized religion, and carrying it on. The judgment and holier than thou mentality. It seems to be indicative of insecurity in their belief or in themselves, so that they either have to compensate by convincing others of the non-existence of god, all the while really convincing themselves or else they have to take the stance that they are so much smarter than a believer to compensate for that insecurity. People love to believe that believers are dumber than non-believers, but I haven't seen any basis in truth in that.

To me it's just a simple question of what you can bring yourself to believe and for me I can't believe anything but atheism, but this fact doesn't really inform any other part of my character or intelligence.
Yeah, I remember when I claimed to be an athiest, I was pretty judgmental of believers. The truth was that I was the opposite of an athiest, I believed in the Christian God so much that I thought he hated me, so the only way to deal with that was to hate him back. Of course, at the time I was 13, so I guess that's almost an excuse for acting like a retard.
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