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New KATG Android App beta

This is an open source project, feel free to fork it and help out.
Removed app from market.

Updated links to latest working version below.

Hope to have time to put in an audio feed reset menu option soon.
Updated app in the market.

Streaming works now with my test stream, will try to listen live tomorrow to be sure its working.

Also made the pause button actually pause instead of killing the feed and forcing a restart. Let me know if this new method causes issues. Not sure what will happen if you leave it paused for a very long time. May need to add a reset button.
UGH! Just realized you guys have been posting problems in this thread and I haven't been being notified in my email . Putting a link here to an older version. I hope to get the market version fixed tonight when I get home from work.

link to old version can be found at the open source project hosting above.

Biggest change is the adding of the events tab, but there are several other cosmetic fixes such as icon loading and such that have been updated.

Updated the app.

Fixed the phantom notification icon that gets left behind if the audio stream is killed by the OS.
made it harder for the OS to kill the audio stream due to lack of memory.

This update is only available through the Market.

Removing the non-market links below... Because I want my download count to go up

Let me know if someone doesn't have market access and needs the apk.


Another new version. I've updated the links below.

Updated Live status and next show code to load properly on application start, and fixed next show code so it takes into account your timezone(as set by your phone).
Removed a lot of old code and old libraries that aren't currently being used.

I think its good enough to put in the market as a beta. So please download it there as well and rate it 5 stars (I know its not perfect, but save your critiques for here). Thanks.

See plans below for whats coming hopefully soon.


I've released a new version. You probably won't notice a whole lot of changes.

REQUIRED: Android 2.2

1 thing I have done is changed the streaming code. It currently now requires Android 2.2 minimum, so if the old version works for you and you're on a version previous to Android 2.2, don't upgrade.

updated live status code, should work more consistently.
updated next show code, should work more consistently.
added a test feed url that can be activated in the preferences for testing when KATG isn't streaming.
removed a bunch of unused files.
fixed notification so that it turns off when the feed stops.
hid unworking events calendar (this will come back in future versions)

feedback widget
get events calendar working
episode guide including pictures/download links/show notes
Put into Market so people can get it there. ( this worries me, because I'm never satisfied with the app, and I worry about bad reviews. But I know people will appreciate having access there, and Maybe I can get Keith and Chemda to ask people to vote it up on the market if it starts getting a bad rap )
Add code to allow for seamless shoutcast streaming in android <2.2

Hope this works better than the last one.

Here is the latest version:

Go download it here KATG-1.2.1.apk

Let me know how it treats you.

unless you got it from this thread, you'll likely have to uninstall the app to install this version.
Show Status: indicator does not match the actual feed status. FIXED
There are issues playing the stream on devices running a Version of android less than 2.2. G1/MT3G/Some older samsung devices/etc.. (there aren't many of these left, but I'm trying to get it working anyway) For now it requires Android 2.2

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