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Originally Posted by LiLMissSunshine View Post
Some interesting facts about the Jersey Shore: 1) Snooki makes 12 grand for doing a 2hr club appearance. On top of the two grand food, transport, and housing are added.

2) The cast of the jersey shore are on strike for more money. They currently get 10 grand an episode, free housing,and tons of booze. MTV has said they won't pay them more and will start with a new cast if need be. 'The situation' is reportedly in private talks with MTV for a hefty one time bonus if he continues the show.

3) The New York Times did an interview with snooki and her dad, and basically hinted at the fact she's so stupid which is why she's famous. During the interview her dad was as mystified as the rest of us as to his daughters fame. The new york times also called snooki 'pumpkin colored' lol..
You might want to double check those facts, they're a bit outdated. They're not on strike anymore and they make way more money than that.
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