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Originally Posted by bankyanks View Post
I wondered if anyone had any tips on where to look for places to live or what not.

I moved to London last year. These are the sites I used to find my flat (apartment) share. I recommend using all at the same time. SpareRoom was what I found mine with in the end:

Flats here go very fast so check the sites daily. Most flats I checked out were complete SHIT, so be very picky. If you want a second opinion, send me a message and I'll tag along.

Couchsurfing has a great community here. You could probably get by surfing while you look for a place. Or just come to some meetups. Even has groups for finding a place to live:
CouchSurfing - Looking for home in London
CouchSurfing - Aussies living in London and the UK
CouchSurfing - London

* This site is a huge help: Money Saving Expert
* Check if your phone will work in London. Then you can just buy a SIM card.
* Buy an Oyster Card immediately. It's the pre-pay travel card for London transport. You can get it at most stations and most off-licenses/newstands.

I could go on and on. Send me a message if you need any help.

Originally Posted by jamesjohns View Post
Earls Court in London is where all Aussie's start out
You, sir, are outdated.

These days they start in Shepards Bush and make it to the RedBack by night fall for a few pints of SnakeBite:

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