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Games i'm playin when i have time:

-Transformers -War For Cybertron: after the first "ooooh" effect due to the geek love that was put in the game, you have a pretty run of the mill arcade shooter. With regular, drawn out, Boss fights thbat have all the same pattern to them. That said, it's a big robot lover's dream. The usual ruasty, metallic and dark look of the unreal engine makes cybertron look neat and there's a shit-ton of details about the Transformers saga who are just sweet. As a game it's generic, as nerd fodder it's delicious.

-Singularity: Raven managed to put Half Life 2. Bioshock, 50's Sci Fi, weird time manipulation effects, bullet curvin, horror and war movie scenarios in a blender and created a giant super mix of a game, tht's flawed, old school lookin' and with a bunch of problems but so fun you just forget about them and play until your thumbs are numb. Yes the graphics look like something made in 2008 and the story is like a z-movie from the 50's but turning back rubble into crates to solve puzzkles while shooting radiation muated soldiers is insanely fuuuun.

-Starcraft 2: It's just AWESOME. I've heard people saying that this type of game is outdated and that Bliizard didnt dsoanything new with the series, but that's not what i wanted. Blizzard does perfectly playable games with pretty graphics and simple mechanics. I cant usually stand RTS games yet i cant stop playing this one. Even if it has one of the most ugly main character ever portaryed. Love without second thoughts.
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