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Originally Posted by evadwolrab View Post
And thanks Tech! I'm excited about a shiny new device!

I'm a bit sad about not having games on my phone, but really they were no better than Flash games with tilt (although some had very pretty artwork).

Android has great games. Try em out. You might like this - when you buy most apps at the Android MArket and uninstall within 48 hours they refund your money auto-magickally !!??

I'm not sure which fnar you meant?


- The noise of a stifled snigger made by infantile males when confronted with a tenuous "double entendre".

- The sound made during particularly enthusiastic cunnilingnus.

- An exclamation of annoyance and frustration. Normally used when changes of circumstances and factors beyond your control have disrupted plans. Sometimes used in sympathy for someone in the above situation.

- Acronym meaning "For No Apparent Reason".

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