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Originally Posted by flerchin View Post
How is CM6 on your Magic speedwise and memorywise?
Mine is a Magic - FYI - more memory, faster CPU and different radio than the Dream... It's probably only about 20% the speed of an EVO/Droid/X 1Ghz Snapdragon cpu. But I got it brand new in box for $300.

CM makes a special version of CM5.08 optimized for Magic/Dream and it rocks. Is that what you tried? Dream users give it varying reviews. YMMV. Only things missing are Google Earth and Flash. And wifi tethering. USB tethering only for me. For now.

Biggest complaint is poor battery life. Less than a full day when actually using BT, wifi and 3G. So I have chargers everywhere.

Every podcast fan MUST switch to using Google Reader as their podcatcher. Everytime I walk into wifi zones it downloads all the latest podcasts. Then I listen wirelessly on BT headphones/speakers.

I can't wait for newer phone but it's gonna be a while while they de-fragment the OS and handset makers and Canadian retailers catch up.

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