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Originally Posted by sean View Post
I moved to London last year. These are the sites I used to find my flat (apartment) share. I recommend using all at the same time. SpareRoom was what I found mine with in the end:

Flats here go very fast so check the sites daily. Most flats I checked out were complete SHIT, so be very picky. If you want a second opinion, send me a message and I'll tag along.

Couchsurfing has a great community here. You could probably get by surfing while you look for a place. Or just come to some meetups. Even has groups for finding a place to live:
CouchSurfing - Looking for home in London
CouchSurfing - Aussies living in London and the UK
CouchSurfing - London

* This site is a huge help: Money Saving Expert
* Check if your phone will work in London. Then you can just buy a SIM card.
* Buy an Oyster Card immediately. It's the pre-pay travel card for London transport. You can get it at most stations and most off-licenses/newstands.

I could go on and on. Send me a message if you need any help.

You, sir, are outdated.

These days they start in Shepards Bush and make it to the RedBack by night fall for a few pints of SnakeBite:
You have been amazing. Epic post that has probably helped me more than you could know!!
I've been going insane on all these sites now.

Also, from what I know (which granted isn't very much) Shepards Bush is the place for Australians to be!
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