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Originally Posted by NoArmsJames View Post
I have a friend who was involved in the trial for this stuff. He shared. It is fucking powerful, I've never taken a drug like it...How do you fake Fibro?
You don't.
Talking as a patient,
most of you know what I am going through with pain. If not, please ask or read the blog link below perhaps.

This news is so disgusting, scary and horrible.

I have been told by doctors that I need to be on chemo, anti malarials etc which I am so far refusing, I am in debilitating pain where I can't work, or drive even, and pretty much bedridden. But take my quality of life and turn me into a zombie - and or - make me sicker from these drugs, what is that?

This new drug is another one that makes patients comatose - and it so very god damn dangerous.

If I am comatose, then that is the equivalent of plugging me into a wall. Not interested.

Big pharma can fuck itself - too much danger and damage, and this one can easily go wrong. Far far too wrong.

I'd rather die, and it wasn't worth my fighting all this time. (read 2009, I almost didn't make it out of.)

Again feel free to ask questions, or read my link for what I'm going through.
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