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Originally Posted by -John- View Post
I don't understand the controversy. isn't there a potential for all new drugs to be abused?
also there is talk of it being "dangerous" and "addicting", i'm pretty sure in high enough doses all drugs are like this so what's special about this one?
This is supposed to be pharmaceutical drg (not an illegal one) and it's based on GBH which is renowened for it' date rape uses.

They're basically pushing a pain killer with very dangerous side effects, exploiting the extreme pains thorugh which fybromalgia (and other type of illnesses) patients go through, in order to sell it.

Do you understand the concept of date rape drugs? Is there nothing special about it?

Wake up.

ADD: Also if you dont see the controversy in a drug that is PROVEN to have the high chance to make the patiece nearly comnatose but it's being pushed by pharmaceutical compoany, who love to use people in extreme pain as a lab rat for their experiments, using doctors as sale puppets... then really i dont know what else i can explain to you.

This is similar, if not worse than what psychiatrist have been doing for years, fabricating drugs that are highly addictive and sometimes deadly, putting them on the market without enough testing, and using doctors to sell them, even to people that do not need them. You dont have to abuse that type of stuff to be in danger. 2 doctors out of three will have a contract with a pharm company and prescribe you the medicine. You take a few and you're in danger or have an addiction.

But who gives a shit right. As long as the new iphone is out.

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