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Originally Posted by Junkenstein View Post
Do you understand the concept of date rape drugs? Is there nothing special about it?

Wake up.
Drugs are dangerous. We know.

FMS/Lupus is bad. We know.

This stuff CAN help people with severe insomnia IF dosed right under medical supervision.

GHB as a date rape drug is not as serious as it's abuse by sports nuts and young adults. PANIC! This led to hysteria in DEA circles. PANIC! Our KIDS are being RAPED!!

In most rape cases the victim was using E/GBH recreationally. To summarise (VERY briefly) "This study also confirmed that DFSA is more of a problem due to the subjectís own drug use, rather than surreptitious drugging by the perpetrator."

Witness the rape drug detector cards going on sale everywhere. Suggestion - Don't hang out in places like that and pick some better freinds, will ya?
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