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You're stating thios under the belief that "medical superv ision" is generally directed towards the patient health. Fake.

The majority of doctors prescribe medicine after being abbundantly bribed by pharm companies, and give the patients very loose restrictions on the dosage.

Psychiatry is a good example. when i was treated for depression, my psychiatrist diagnosed me as bi-polar and prescribed some "experimental" meds to me.

I discovered afterwards that said medds werent absolutely necessary for most cases, highly addictive and said doctor was prescribing them to most of his patients, with little or no correlation to their problems. He was acting (as many of his colleaugues) as a dealer for the company.

I still have to take said meds daily to avoid withdrawal.

Whi9le learning this, i discovered that a lot of doctors act in the same way when it comes to painkillers and sleep-aid. The patients are in such pain tthat they would take anything to stop it. The doctors exploit that and sell drugs with strong side effects (like this) thatmake the patients almost comatose even at small doses.

Also Date Rape isnt limited to "places like that". Even a small amount of research will show that it still occurs in common hang outs and wit a recurring frequency.

The "recreational drug" aspect of it also destroys the credibility of the victim (and a lot of lawyers win cases with that)

But let's put that aside. The main point is that this is another example of Pharm companies using ill people as guinea pigs. Shall we give up and say that it happens and cannot be stopped? Or deny that a drug that turns people into vegetables is bad because it "could be helpful"

Fuck that.
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