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I agree that watching out for hysteria is good, but that dangerously leads to apathy and indifference. I want to give up social working every day because i keep meeting the utter indifference, or the complete spite of people who think that things like Healthcare gone nuts cannot be stopped. And that trying to change and not giving up is stupid or pretentious.

I keep seeing people who dont give a fuck about anything no matter how big the issue is and point and laugh at people who want to get involved. I cannot stop trying at least to raise awareness. And one case out of,say, five could be hysteria but helps fighting indifference and apathy.

I'm at peace but i dont want to become a cynical ass who says "who cares,m it's all bullshit, anyways" (not talking about you Tech, it's just the majority's reaction to any kind of attempt at promoting a cause)
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