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Originally Posted by Tech007 View Post
Not sure what the limitations are but the old app works just fine??

The original KATG Android app works just fine. I streamed the marathon on wifi and 3G just fine.

You can get it here.
IF that's the concensus I'll go back to the old way of streaming. The problem with it is it creates huge files on your sdcard (loog in the /nagare ? folder) and it has a bit of a hickup due to the way its passing the files to the MediaPlayer.) It bugged me which is why I've been trying to find a way around using it. Unfortunately my solution only works for some people. I've got a new method of grabbing the data almost worked out that should work for all phones, but as Tech says if my app doesn't work go back to the other one. In fact he could quote me on that (said it here). Since I said it before.

2 questions:

Do you notice the hickup with the old app streaming?

Are you annoyed by the space its using on your SD card?

If I'm solving problems that no one cares about, I'll stop.

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