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Originally Posted by elastoplastic View Post
2 questions:

Do you notice the hickup with the old app streaming?

Are you annoyed by the space its using on your SD card?

If I'm solving problems that no one cares about, I'll stop.
Please don't stop! My feedback is simply a reflection of my experience with both beta's.

1) Streaming is mint for me. I sometimes I hear a brief loop of the first 1-3 minutes of streaming then it picks-up live and streams flawlessly. HTC Magic on 1.5/21. and 2.2. wifi/3G.

2) I look at the files as a special 'feature' !! I have half of the marathon on there and plan to catch up when not busy! An option to set a max directory size or "auto-clearing by date" would be cool too.

Getting google KATG calender shud be possible somehow? And I'd love a live show and/or show posted notification option ( with audio alert? - "YOINK!")

Twitter and/or FB widgets wud be great and don't forget about feedback!

Notifications of fellow katg-ers within xx range (via GPS/Twitter/Latitude) would be uber cool too.

<end wishlist rant>

Originally Posted by elastoplastic View Post
For once I wish I was developing on an iPhone... oh well.
Watch your mouth!!! ;-) The dark side is very powerful; resist the temptation...

Android will blow that closed market crap out of the water soon enough. Get a large screen version ready for Android 2.2/3.0 tablets with all the ustream katg chat windows why don't ya!??

A great BIG thank you goes out to ALL of you app developers. I will back it up with a cash donation ASAP.
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