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Originally Posted by elastoplastic View Post
One of the biggest issues that makes streaming difficult is that Older implimentations (supposedly just before android 2.0) don't support Shoutcast streams (which is what KATG use). Its because shoutcast uses a non-standard ICY protocol instead of the standard HTTP or RTSP protocols. Newer implementations don't have a problem with this since the actual data sent is the same using ICY or HTTP. But the older ones balk and quit when they see the non-standard ICY headers.
Maybe the problem is just my phone then...

I have a Samsung Vibrant which runs 2.1. During the 24 hour marathon, when I pressed the play button it just said "feed is not live". However, I was able to listen using a different shoutcast player (Retro Radio) on the same phone. Am I the only one?
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