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Originally Posted by DudeEMETIB View Post
Just saw a review by IGN for Arkhum Asylum, I know I'm late to the game but...I haven't been this excited about something Batman related since I was like 9!

I want it so
It is an awesome game. They just announced a sequel to it. There is a lot of talk about it following the Batman no mans land comics where the us government decides that Gotham is so fucked up that they evacuate the city and blow all the bridges and leave it to the criminals. All that's left to defend the city is Batman some cops who refused to leave and civilians who weren't going to give up their homes and business to criminals.

If u really like gaming i would get Gamefly i have the four games out at one time plan and its like 30 bucks a month that's less than half the price of a new game and i can play just about any game i want. I still buy games but only ones that i already know are gonna be great like God Of War, Fallout,Fable etc.
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