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Originally Posted by Space Indaver View Post

What else do you have? I'm up for getting a few of us together to do some play-n-chat if we all own the same XBLA game.
Here are my 360 Multiplayer games:

Lara Croft: GoL, Castlecrashers, Worms 1&2, Peggle, N+, Splosionman, Deathspank, Kingdom for keflings, Toy Soldiers, Red Dead Redemption, Rockband, Beatles, DJ Hero, Trials, Fifa08, Red faction, Battlefield 1943, Deathspank, Fable 2, Trivial Pursuit, Viva Pinata TIP, GTA4, NHL10, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, 3on3 NHL, Crackdown, Uno, Alien Hominid, Assault Heroes1, Bionic Comando, Poker Smash, Age of Booty, and Borderlands (plus DLC)
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