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Originally Posted by Adammled View Post
I keep getting the message that I cannot load this program because it's not in the Android Market. I don't know how to "root" the phone to bypass this problem. The option on the Settings>Applications page that is supposed to unlock this, does not exist on my phone.

Do you have a work-around?
Will this be added to the Android Market soon?

Hoping to release a new beta soon, been too busy with work to progress as fast as I wanted.

I want to get it in the market, but don't want to put something there that hasn't been fully tested since the commenters tend to be brutal and bad ratings are never good for promoting use.

So do the att phones not allow you to do development? Because you have to be able to install 3rd party stuff in order to develop/test an app. Another reason I'll never go with AT&T.
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