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I see this too and it really bothers me. I'm always surprised by women in my own generation who act like this.

Just the other day, a co-worker was talking about how she went to vegas for a bachelorette weekend and how the 'bridal party' got basically all of their drinks paid for the whole weekend. When I said that they should have paid for their own drinks, and that by not paying for their own shit they were validating the idea that women deserve less money and also ruining life for all us ugly misfit feminist broads who can't/choose not to get men to buy them things and instead have to earn them, I got shot down but other female co workers who said that I was being extreme.

From a female perspective, what is a man paying for when he pays for a meal? Certainly not just the pleasure of your company. How does a woman not feel like a whore when a man buys her dinner? Maybe I am being too extreme, but if you pay for something, it's in exchange for something unless it's explicitly quantified as a gift. If a woman doesn't put out, it doesn't mean she's not a whore, it just means she's bad at her job.

All I'm saying is that all the blow jobs I give out, I give for free.

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