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Audiobuzzed #60: Writing in the Joke Book
"He offended me! He was putting down my pee!"

Big Jim wants a gun; Rhian wants a bow and arrow - do we need to say anything more about the contrasting personalities of the Audiobuzzed co-hosts? Ninja hackers go poof! Are trucks supposed to turn on windshield wipers and spray washer fluid on their own? One of the co-hosts had a drug test and passed, that narrows down which person it could have been. Paris Hilton didn't do too well on her drug thing. Crazy news: giant tumor, ghost train tragedy, woman tosses cat in trash, French condom soup, this plane will not crash even though the speakers just told you we were, hoarding woman dies and her not-so-neat hubby finds her in the home four months later. Peanut butter up the ass is crazy!

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