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Originally Posted by marina View Post
Men do get really annoyed at the door thing. I don't understand it. Why would you think she's a bitch?

I don't think Bebe is suggesting that women who can't to pluming and bug removal are children, just that she does the things that she can do as part of being an equal partner in a household, and that she takes pride in being an asset to her household, like we all do-unless we're children, or jerks, or retarded.

I think that there's a lot of disdain between women who subscribe to rigid gender roles and those that don't, and within those subsections, there's still disdain between women based on which gender roles to abandon and which to keep. And with everybody feeling like everybody else is judging them and suggesting that their way is the best one, tensions can run high if you're not the same kind of female as everyone else involved.
What she said

One of the big problems with my previous marriage was that my ex liked to 'take care of me' which means he liked that I didn't drive, didn't work or have my own money, didn't know about finances or fixing stuff. Once I grew up enough to realize this I left, and learned all this stuff. So now I feel like I'm not a child or a retard anymore
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