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Originally Posted by Bebe View Post
What she said

One of the big problems with my previous marriage was that my ex liked to 'take care of me' which means he liked that I didn't drive, didn't work or have my own money, didn't know about finances or fixing stuff. Once I grew up enough to realize this I left, and learned all this stuff. So now I feel like I'm not a child or a retard anymore
Thank god you got out of that relationship! You sound much happier. Control over your own life is important, and independence is a great way to manifest that control.
Thankfully I am not in a trapped scenario. We have a good balanced partnership.
The reason that I responded as I did is that this is a topic I think about. In my profession there are relatively few women and we are not treated as well as our male counterparts. For this to change women need to work together, but very often competative, catty bullshit gets in the way.
Like I said before, things can be complicated enough with guys, I hate when girls start criticizing one another unnecessarily.
But then, we don't know eachother so there's that!
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