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I finished Dark Void and it really was not as good as a rocketeer game starring Nathan Drake with Tesla should be. Boo. The controls never really click, it's repetitive and has invisible walls all over the place.

I played quite a bit Crackdown 2. It's Crackdown with a 2 on the end of it. Still, the keys to the city mode is fun. I went online, upgraded every skill to maximum, unlocked everything and just spawned things to mess around with.

First ten minutes was spent throwing cars off a tower and shooting them, the next ten travelling to the highest point in the city with our jet boots, spawning an armchair and speaker and dancing while throwing hugely powerful grenades on the city below. It's mostly about exploding things.

Originally Posted by Space Indaver View Post
Totally not worth the money, but Dance Central would make for an awesome day in an arcade.

TONY: In our cafe/bar/arcade of awesome, there will be dance-offs to solve disputes.
Well of course, how else do you solve disputes?
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