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Originally Posted by Rawn View Post
Yeah I play 80% PC and 20% PS3. Some games just can't be played on PC. I couldn't stand Batman: Arkham Asylum on PC for example, but it's great on PS3. Same with Assassin's Creed.
While I agree on the controller thing, for me it's often also about a sort of feeling I feel some games require for me...

racing games, I need to be sitting in front of a large screen tv.
most adventure games, I want it on a large screen, me sitting a bit back and kinda I dunno, leaning towards the tv...

but other games, rts games....any requires me to be relaxed in my desk chair, at my desk, with my computer right in front of me....face-to-screen, hand on mouse...I dunno

Games have a "feel"/"posture" I feel suits them, and it can only be achieved with a console sometimes, and sometimes with a PC.
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