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This is definitely something I should consider when it comes time to make my Christmas wishlist...for the moment though, I'll be stuck to just moving from my room to the living room when I want to play a certain game.

Now if only they had a section for mp3 players that can hold 100+ gb and aren't made by Apple or Microsoft...amirite!?

I beat Arkham Asylum, the story that is, the other day. Totally loved that game. I played a little challenge mode, fun, and I'll probably go around the island finding the Riddler things I missed some time later...but I'm really glad I gave that game a shot, it was well worth it.

Now in my spare gaming time I might try to finish off FO3 once and for all, I'll feel dumb if I buy New Vegas without having completed it first.

Oh and my roommates have iPhones, I don't....and they've been playing this game called Doodle Jump on them....I finally asked one to let me play, and it's pretty addicting.

I also finally tried Plants vs. Zombies, also fun and addicting.

I miss simple games sometimes, they're usually surprisingly fun...if made well.
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