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Audiobuzzed #62: Never Forget
"I'm going vag to box."

Rhian and Big Jim talk about the 2010 VMAs - Lady Gaga, Justin Beiber, Usher, Taylor Swift, Kanye West, Chelsea Handler. "Yay, I'm old." "Yay, they suck." Jessie Joyce CD name - Joyce Schtick? We remember 9/11 our own ways. America CAN have parades, even if Canada thinks that's ridiculous. It's Invisible Illness week. Check out Rhian's blog at Smoke and Mirrors. Dallas Cowboy fans are annoying and obnoxious. Audiobuzzed fantasy football has begun! News time - overdue amnesty, high-five world record, dude bones chicks and has at least 42 kids with 42 different mothers, regurgitating goldfish ruled cruel, pole dance champ fail and feminine hygiene product cereal.

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