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Originally Posted by ElleJ View Post
I know I'm drunk when I suddenly decide that I must wait up for every single episode of "Stuff you should know" that I've missed has to be downloaded and put on my phone before I'll go to bed...even when I work from home tomorrow and won't have any time to listen. At all.
Lol. I love that show as well. Yesterday I was drunkenly informing everyone of how breathalyzers work, having recently learned it from that podcast. Sort of.

On a related note, much like the recent KATG guest who constantly obsesses over everything stupid he ever did, and hates himself for it, I am now sober and thinking about stupid things I did yesterday while drunk. I wasn't that drunk, and I didn't do anything wrong. However, I will hate myself all day for drunkenly telling people about how breathalyzers work because it's fucking dumb. Also, ironic. Because I have this tendency, I'm usually in the middle of genuinely hating myself in a deep, deep way. I once got really really drunk and all night slowly felt myself losing the ability not to congratulate someone on their pregnancy, which I was also fairly sure was not a pregnancy because this person was drinking heavily at the same party I was at. And eventually I blacked out. SO...I will hate myself for what I probably said during that time for at least a decade, and I hope I never see that girl again. I hate me.
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